Current Research

Upcoming Research Trials

Overactive Bladder (178-MA-1005)
A phase IV study to evaluate the efficacy, safety and tolerability of Myrbetriq in geriatric subjects with overactive bladder.

Acute Pain after Third Molar Extraction (MR308-3501)
A phase III study to evaluate efficacy and safety of an investigational product in the treatment of acute pain after third molar tooth extraction.

If you match the profile of the subjects in either of these clinical trials and you would like to participate, please call 416-486-8444 ext 2.

Ongoing Research Trials

Herpes Zoster (GSK-204486 (056) – Jun 2016 to Present)
A phase IIIb cross-vaccination study to evaluate safety on a two-dose schedule to subjects who previously received placebo in Zoster 006 and Zoster 022.

Herpes Zoster LTFU (GSK-201190 (049)—Jun 2016 to Present)
A phase IIIb long-term follow-up study and assessment of additional vaccination doses in older adults for shingles.